The well-known casino Stake has a license from Antillephone with the number 8048/JAZ, issued in Curacao. This platform was published online by Medium Rare N.V. in 2017 and was founded by Joe Silberzweig and Adam Richman. After completing all eligibility checks, Stake can operate any casino games with a chance of winning and wagering.

How does Plinko work on Stake? We will also look at other important aspects of the casino game, such as the RTP, the minimum and maximum rates, the volatility of Plinko, the chips, and how to play this game.

An Addictive Blend of Skill, Chance, and Thrilling Prizes

Plinko is a famous casino game that is played all over the world by players of all skill levels. How to play Plinko on Stake, despite the game’s simplicity?  How does Plinko work on Stake? The pyramid collapses as the ball is launched from the top, passing between the rows of pins. If you land in a cell with the gambling coefficient of x2, x29, x0.2, etc., your rewards will either be added to or subtracted from your account.

The player may choose from low, medium, or high-risk levels, each of which affects how volatile the payouts will be; the minimum and maximum number of rows that may be selected in Plinko are 8 and 16, respectively. These factors in turn determine the coefficients in the cells.

The bet size is also quite important; for instance, if you bet 1 EUR and the ball lands in a cell with a multiplier of x29, your winnings will be 29 EUR. If a stake of 30 EUR was made and the ball landed in the same cell with a multiplier of x29, the winnings would be 870 EUR (30 * 29). Changes to the risk game level in the Plinko Stake casino game increase the payoff’s volatility, while gambling changes to the number of lines increase the potential payout locations. For illustration:

Risk / PinsDirectionsMin. Multiplication factorMax. Multiplication factor
Low / 890,55,6
Low / 16170,516
Medium / 890,413
Medium / 16170,3110
High / 890,229
High / 16170,21000
Minimal risks at Plinko

A Lucrative Arcade Game with High RTP and Prudent Rewards

Playing on Stake ensures a high return to player (RTP) rate with prudent bankroll management. Since Plinko’s Stake has a 99% RTP, players can expect to see an average return of 99% of their initial investment over the long term. This makes the casino game appealing to those looking for an exhilarating game with a respectable house win percentage.

CurrencyMin. stakeMax. stakeMax winning
Bitcoin-0.01 BTC5 BTC
Litecoin-3 LTC300 LTC
ETH0,003 ETH1 ETH150 ETH

Revolutionizing the Timeless Slots Experience: Unveiling an Unprecedented Spin

Plinko has grown so popular that several developers have started to create different variations of the casino game. It doesn’t change. The fundamental rules are the same everywhere—the chip must land in the cell below, either boosting your profits or not—but each player’s board has a different layout, pin count, and factors.

DeveloperCasinoNumber of linesMax. multiplierMin. multiplierNumber of bets on auto
Spribe Bankobet
Slots Place
12 -16x555х0.2500
Slots Place
8 — 14x420х0.2420
Slots Place
8 -16x1000x0.21000
ELA GamesBankobet
8 — 14x500x0.2200
Gaming CropsBankobet
Slots Place
8 -16x3000x0.21000

Keep in mind that every casino has different gambling guidelines for its casino games, bonuses, rollover requirements, etc.

CasinoWelcome bonusRolloverPayout timeBenefits
Bankobet100% up to €500 + 200 FS35x B + D1- 4 working days— Weekly cashback and bonuses;
— VIP program.
5Gringos100% up to 500 EUR + 200 FS +1 bonus crab35x B + D2 working days— Supported cryptocurrencies;
— 17 languages available.
LibraNet100% up to 500 EUR + 200 FS +1 bonus crab35x B + D2 working days— Loyalty points and VIP rewards;
— 1500 casino games from various providers.
play Plinko at Stake

Tactics for a Thrilling Game of Chance

How to play well? Plinko is a game of pure chance, thus people looking for a lot of excitement like to play it. Make a gambling deposit to play, select your risk tolerance and the quantity of pins you want to use, and then launch Stake. The following gambling tactics are employed by various players to demonstrate how to play and win in Plinko and prevent losing all of your money:

  • Set a bet of one to three coins using the three credits to begin Plinko. If you lose, take away one penny. If you have lost three times after five spins, the game is ended.
  • A version of “Ladder” where the stake doubles after each defeat and starts again after a win. You can use it in Plinko as well, but because to the odds, you must budget your money for a lengthy game of at least 500 rounds. Even less frequently, when x2 slips out once every 10 to 15 rounds, multipliers like x29 and x1000 might be acquired. As a result, this technique requires both an hour and a substantial bankroll; otherwise, it would not be successful.
  • Reduce your risk by using fewer pins, and you’ll win lesser prizes more frequently.

A Secure and Exclusive Gaming Experience with Free Plinko Demo Option

What is a safe way to play Plinko by Stake? We strongly encourage trying it for free if you want to. The demo on Stake can only be accessed after signing up, but signing up is secure if you want to play this particular version. There aren’t any other websites that offer Plinko by Stake; it is only available from this operator.

Cryptocurrency Casino for Provably Fair Plinko Fun

Stake is among the best cryptocurrency casinos. It employs two-step authentication, which is completely safe, and is completely legal. It also has operating licenses from Curacao. choose the one that works best for you and play with an e-coin. accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Players can take their chances knowing that the outcomes are legitimately random because Stake’s Plinko has a 1% house edge and is a provably fair game. The web edition contains additional, more complex features:

  • Auto Mode: The game play necessitates little mouse clicks. Additionally, this is the only casino that allows an infinite number of “bets” to be placed automatically.
  • Hotkeys: The spacebar allows you to hurl the balls as soon as possible and raises the overall number of bets made over time.
  • The game moves faster when there are animations; when there are none, the action is actually immediate. 
  • Instant Bet: Quickens gameplay for more action.


  • What exactly is Plinko?

    Tossing the ball at the pin pyramid and waiting for him to choose the "path" entirely at random are the objectives of the game of Plinko. Depending on where it lands, the chip will either multiply or not multiply your winnings. Due to itsthe straightforward gameplay of Plinko by Stake, versatility to various game setups, and high RTP, it is one of the most popular Stake slot games.

  • How is Plinko RTP played?

    The RTP in a game refers to the overall return to player percentage. A percentage is frequently used to demonstrate the potential return on investment in the form of wins. If Plinko by Stake has an RTP of 99%, a player may frequently expect to receive 99 cents back for every euro they wager in the game of Plinko by Stake.

  • How volatile is Plinko?

    Plinko's moderate volatility allows players to expect both high and low winnings. This may be useful for those who prefer to balance risk and potential reward rather than only looking for large gains. But it's important to remember that volatility may vary depending on the on the gambling parameters you choose.

  • What gambling strategies should you use to triumph in Plinko?

    There is no one way to win at Plinko by Stake, but here are some tips before you play:

    • pay attention to your risk tolerance since it influences your potential for losses;
    • line count and payment locations because more lines increase your chances of winning;
    • and control your expenditure to prevent overspending.

    By following these tips, you have a chance of success, but remember that everything is random and depends on luck. Don’t be afraid, try for success .

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What is the professional's opinion of Plinko?

Play Plinko on our safe website and feel completely at ease. Your safety and the security of your money are guaranteed by our operator. Select from a number of alternatives for deposits and withdrawals, including Bitcoin.

Plinko by Stake Originals is a unique game that cannot be found on any other websites. Plinko from BGaming and Spribe is available at numerous sites, but only Stake offers unique features, fun bonuses, and a contemporary user experience.

In Stake's Plinko, keep in mind that a variety of variables, like the amount of lines, payout locations, volatility, and your preferred strategy, can affect your odds of winning. The RTP, however, is generally regarded as satisfactory by players. Create the conditions that will boost your odds of success, employ various risk-reduction techniques, and raise your chances of success.

— an online casino expert.